Trash/Recycling Bins

Hello Neighbors,

One of the main issues we have heard about from residents in recent weeks is the placement of trash/recycling bins on the outside of a residence.  As you drive through the neighborhood, or perhaps just look out your windows, you will see there are a number of residents that leave trash/recycling bins in plain view of the street and/or neighboring properties.  It can be challenging to find space in a garage or other suitable location for these bins.

However, leaving trash/recycling bins in plain view of the street or neighboring property is a violation of city ordinances.

Aside from trash collection days, your trash/recycling bins must be stored behind the line of your home, and cannot be in view from the street or a neighboring property.  They must be hidden from sight.  They do not have to be stored in a garage, however that is likely the best place for most individuals.  If you have a privacy fence, for example, and can ensure that no neighboring property can see the bins, this is also an acceptable alternative.

There are a few ways to resolve the issue if you have a neighbor that currently does not follow this policy:

  1. Talk to your neighbor.  Ask if they could please place their bins out of sight.  Reference the city ordinance/rules on this if needed.
  2. Submit a concern with OP Cares:
    1. Your neighbor will not be informed that you reported it, but they will be provided a notice by the city
  3. If you do not receive resolution via these methods, feel free to reach out to a board member for assistance/guidance

If you currently have your bins exposed to public view, please correct this.  If you have a neighbor that does, please follow the steps above to correct the situation.

The city has the right to issue a ticket to any resident for each day that solid waste containers are in violation of this ordinance.

Let’s continue to keep Shannon Valley a clean and attractive neighborhood for those who visit and, most importantly, all of us who live here and enjoy it daily!

For information on the city rules:


  1. C

    In order to prevent these issues it would be nice if trash collection occurred in a timely manner. Too many weeks or days are skipped. I feel its the associations responsibility to hold the collectors accountable to ensure residents don’t have to play a guessing game as to when our trash will be picked up, if at all.

    Then to come on here and blame residents for the issue is uncalled for. Fix the collection issues first.

    1. Neil Sickendick (Post author)

      Thanks for your reply. We are working with the trash collection company to ensure proper pickup schedule is adhered to. We are doing all that we can at this point – we are dealing with a very difficult and not very competitive climate for trash collection, that’s out of our control. By and large, however, pickups have been handled properly by Waste Management on Fridays unless of a holiday or inclement weather, in which case they are delayed by a day. If you have specific concerns to cite, please reach out directly.

      This post is not about individuals who have trash bins sitting on the end of the driveway for an extra day due to delayed pickup. It is in reference to those who leave trash/recycling bins on their driveways, side of houses, etc as a permanent resting place for those bins between pickup days. Most individuals leave trash bins in the garage until Thursday night/Friday morning, and then place at the end of the driveway. After pickup, they are returned to the garage or otherwise hidden from view. That is the city policy, and all that is asked for.

    2. Neil Sickendick (Post author)

      One more additional piece of helpful information: the board has all been added to the Waste Management alerts, so we should now receive proactive alerts regarding delayed pickups or changed schedules. Homeowners can get these alerts as well by calling waste management and asking to be setup, you will have to reference that you are part of Shannon Valley and provide your street address.

      I am sorry if you viewed the post as blaming homeowners, not the intent. We are addressing a concern that violates city policy and has been brought up by countless homeowners as a concern to address, just like your concern about delayed trash pickup. The two concerns are not mutually exclusive, we can still solve one while we work on the other!


      1. Katy Overbay

        Thanks, Neil, for the work you are doing for Shannon Valley(as a volunteer) it is most appreciated! I am impressed by the promptness of replies to homeowner concerns.

        1. Neil Sickendick (Post author)

          Thanks Katy! We are just fellow homeowners and neighbors trying to make SV as good as it can be for all of us! Appreciate your comment!

      2. ST

        Yes. Thank you so much! I am very happy with all of the work you and the rest of the new board have done (on your own time as a volunteer!) to help all of us in Shannon Valley have a great place to live!


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