2018 May Minutes

Shannon Valley Homes Association

Board Meeting Minutes

May 2, 2018


Board members present:

Neil Sickendick

Libby Hayes

Sarah Heine

Steve Allee

Brian Tannahill


Also present:

Dylan Stang, Home Association Solutions

Doug May, Home Association Solutions


  1.  Previous Minutes

We approved the minutes of the April 4 meeting.


  1.  Financials

Dylan presented the financial information.


  1.  Storage unit

We’re paying above the market rate for our storage unit. We’ll vacate this unit at the end of May and obtain a unit at a better price.


  1.  College Boulevard fence

We discussed the College Boulevard fence, in light of the recently discovered fence easement and legal advice that the HOA appears to be responsible for the fence.


It was moved and seconded that the HOA to replace the College Boulevard fence.  The motion was approved, 4 to 1. “Sarah Heine the sole “nay.”


It was moved and seconded to explore possible ways to make this the last time the HOA replaces the fence, perhaps by modifying the existing fence and landscape easement.  The motion was approved, 4 to 1. Steve Allee the sole “nay.”


The meeting was adjourned before completing the agenda due to tornado warning issued for immediate area.