3/4/2022 – Memorandum

The Board decided to engage paid legal counsel to issue an opinion concerning the Concord House. Here is a link to the legal opinion of Mr. Kurtz from the law firm of Rouse Frets White Goss Gentile Rhodes, P.C. Having such attorney engaged allows the Board to have paid counsel available to deal directly with any counsel retained by residents actively opposing the Concord House. Also, this legal opinion from a named Kansas qualified attorney should put to rest the discussion on this point that we continue to hear from the group actively opposing the Concord House. The legal analysis set forth in Mr. Kurtz’s opinion reaches the same conclusions as the Board has stated the entire duration of this situation.

At this point, the Board has done all that it can do. The Board has worked hard to keep the SVHA from incurring liability during this situation. As a reminder, the SVHA and its residents are under an obligation to allow the residents of the Concord House to live in peaceful enjoyment of their house in accordance with the reasonable accommodation granted by the City that Federal law entitles them to have.

The Board has instructed counsel not to accept/respond to calls or emails from residents in order to avoid incurring substantial legal fees in having counsel respond to multiple residents that may have the same questions. If you have any questions, please send them to the Board at contact@shannonvalley.org and we will consult with the law firm as needed to address your questions.

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